Lady Gaga Looks…Interesting!?

Now Mademoiselle Gaga is quite literally the human (?!) equivalent of a Rubik’s cube y’all, the more you try to figure her out, the more confused you’ll end up getting. The Supreme Monster recently launched her ‘Born This Way‘ foundation with Oprah Winfrey, to help kids celebrate diversity and being themselves and yada yada. And after all the hoopla, here she is, spotted leaving her New York hotel displaying a ridiculously humongous amount of her ample bosom and possibly THE WORLD’S BIGGEST AND POINTY-EST NAILS. The secret behind the meat dress y’all. Those nails werqued the cow into the masterpiece that she wore to the MTV VMA’s.

Keep away, she might just kill you and wear you for her next video.

All the tomfoolery aside, it’s true, that beneath that ample bosom, lies a heart as ample as that bosom. She does her bit for the kids, and uses her influence well (mostly). That’s why we all love our Mother Gargoyle #LittleMonsterForLife.

Either way, I’m hoping ‘Heavy Metal Lover‘ or ‘Hair‘ turns out to be the next single if she does plan to release anything else from ‘Born This Way‘. Although after ‘Marry The Night‘ and it’s pseudo-pathetique 5 day long video failed to make an impact, I’d say moving on to the new album would be a better idea. And concentrate on the music this time and be a little more Lady Gaga than Lady Haha please? And with her rumored to make a cameo in the movie ‘Men In Black 3‘, how insane would be for her to write the theme song for the soundtrack? I mean it’s a film about aliens, something that Gaga PhD’d in. The perfect way to get back right on top pushing besties Katy Perry and Rihanna who have totally decided to NOT stop dominating the charts with # 1 records.