Christina Aguilera Surprises On Impromptu Duet With ‘The Voice’ Contestant Sera Hill

For all of you who have any doubts about Christina Aguilera’s vocal prowess after the ‘Bionic‘ fiasco, you might wanna give the following video clip a watch. Mizz Xtina, visibly impressed with ‘The Voice’ contestant Sera Hill’s stunning rendition of the Mary J Blige classic ‘I’m Going Down‘ (originally written and performed by Rose Royce in 1977 and covered by Mary for her 1994 masterpiece ‘My Life‘), joined her for an impromptu duet of the song. And within seconds of hitting those high notes that made her famous back in the day (before she went all bionic and supersonic), Christina displayed enough lung-power to S-L-A-Y, leaving no doubt at all that those prolific pipes are back in action. Watch Christina break it down right here :

With the insane hype surrounding her much awaited comeback, especially after her return to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 last year with ‘Moves Like Jagger‘ with Maroon 5, let’s hope Christina Aguielra delivers this time around. Those Grammy winning pipes are definitely worth the hype, and with Adele bringing vocal-heavy ballads back to the top of the charts all around the world, a coupla power-ballads by Christina, something that she’s undoubtedly amazing at, ¬†might just be instrumental in setting her career back on track as far as album sales and chart hits are concerned.


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