Stuck In My Head : Rachel Platten’s ‘Work Of Art’

Rachel Platten is all kinds of adorable. Period. We had already blogged about her a coupla months ago when she released her new single ‘1000 Ships‘, which went on to become a top 40 hit on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Charts. Today I feature one of my faves from her amazing d├ębut album ‘Be Here‘, called ‘Work Of Art‘.

Like her previous single, ‘Work Of Art‘ is a light and breezy pop tune, something that’s scarce these days with an over-dose of auto-tuned garbage being dished out alarmingly high rates. And it definitely does not cross the line to become a major cheese-fest. Think Vanessa Carlton meets Sara Bareilles, and you have ‘Work Of Art‘. The song’s also being used as the intro to the new television series ‘Jane By Design‘ on ABC Family. Definitely worthy of being stuck in your head. Give it a listen :