SWV Is Back With ‘Co-Sign’!

It’s back to the 90’s, my fave-est decade in music y’all!!

And if you’ve been a cray-zay fan of contemporary and classic R’n’B/Soul that ruled the 90’s like me, including genre-defining vocalists like Mary J Blige, Faith Evans, Usher, Aaliyah, Brandy, R. Kelly, Monica, TLC, Boyz II Men, En Vogue etc, in all probability you’ve been a fan of one of the pioneers of the sound of the 90’s as well as one of the most successful R’n’B groups of the decade, Sisters With Voices aka SWV.

Throughout the 90’s, Cheryl, Tamara and Leanne unleashed a series of hits that dominated the Billboard Hot 100 as well as the R’n’B Charts, including the platinum-certified classic # 1 hit ‘Weak‘, from their triple Platinum d├ębut album ‘It’s About Time‘ released in 1992.

And now 20 years after they set the charts on fire and contributed majorly to the sound that would later be modified by artists like TLC, Faith Evans and Monica, the iconic trio is back with their brand new single and video ‘Co-Sign‘ from their first studio album in 15 years, ‘I Missed Us‘!!

The song’s a complete throwback to the 90’s (YAY!), and it’s a feel-good and refreshingly old-fashioned R’n’B jam.

Certainly a welcome change from the auto-tuned cries of dying goats and sea-donkeys that we get to hear on an alarmingly regular basis these days.

The video’s pretty simple ( and a taaaad bit corny during the intro with all the love-talk), but it’s just so amazing to see the girls having a good time and bringing the good ol’ days of glorious music back! Watch it right here!

Can’t wait for the album ladies! Bring it on! There’s nothing quite as amazing as the sound of the 90’s!