Ester Dean And Nicki Minaj Collaborate On ‘Gimme Money’

Another day, another new Nicki Minaj collaboration! And this time it’s with famed songwriter Ester Dean, the name behind Nicki’s multi-platinum global smash ‘Super Bass’, Rihanna’s ‘What’s My Name’, Chris Brown’s ‘Drop It Low’ among eleventy million others. ‘Gimme Money‘ is an uptempo radio friendly R’n’B jam, with Nicki throwing in a few verses of her signature fierceness, talking about, among other very amazing things, her jet setting lifestyle and how to eat ridiculously expensive sushi. I totally DIGGETH. Although I’m not too sure if the collaboration would be the right choice for a first single, especially since Ester’s giving her fledgling singing career a shot. Considering that she’s written some of the biggest hits for a number of artists over the past few years, surely Ester could create a ‘Super Bass’ for herself instead of sticking to a generic R’n’B-Rap collaboration. Give it a listen.

Pics from MTV.