Katy Perry Poised To Debut At # 1 With ‘Part Of Me’

Hell hath no fury like a divorced Katilicious Perry.

Sorry guys, but Katy Perry has just decided that she will not settle for any other position on the Billboard Hot 100 apart from the # 1 spot. EVER.

As if her 5 consecutive # 1 singles from ‘Teenage Dream’ weren’t enough, her first single ‘Part Of Me’ from the very same album that comes in a repackaged version very poignantly titled ‘Teenage Dream : The Complete Confection’, is most likely to début straight at # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart next week, with unprecedented début sales of 400,000 – 420,000 digital copies.

Katy fans, commence mass hysteria.

Additionally, if the song reaches the # 1 spot, it will become Katy’s 6 consecutive # 1 song, besting Mariah Carey’s record of 5 consecutive # 1 singles (from 2 different albums, 1990’s ‘Mariah Carey’ and 1991’s ‘Emotions’), and just shy of the late Whitney Houston’s record of 7 consecutive # 1’s. The song will have the biggest début since Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ exactly a year ago.

Katy however, will not break either Michael Jackson’s record of 5 consecutive # 1 songs from the same album (‘Bad’), or Janet Jackson’s record of 7 consecutive top 5 songs from one album (‘Rhythm Nation 1814′), as the RIAA will count ‘Teenage Dream : The Complete Confection’ as a separate album, with the singles released from the album not being credited as a part of the original album.


Pic from Billboard.com