Listen : Richard Marx And Katy Perry Mash Up ‘The One That Got Away’

OMG Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! So were you one of those annoyingly irritating lucky ones to have a significant other who gave you cards and roses and candies and then took you to Paris and kissed you in front of the Eiffel Tower and literally upped your romance to Edward-Bella levels? NO???


Well to cheer you up, firstly, here’s a cookie.

And then there’s this fun mash-up featuring of one of our fave Valentine’s Day staples, Richard Marx, who is a self-confessed Katy Perry fan. Richard decided to add his vocals to the very un-Valentine’s Day Katy Perry classic ‘The One That Got Away‘, and the result is pretty darn good! Have a listen :

Richard’s new greatest hits compilation ‘Stories To Tell‘ that comprises of some his greatest hits (which would probably feature on your V Day playlist) has just been released, and it includes some acoustic and live versions of his tracks as well. You might just wanna pick it up in this incredibly diabetic season of everything sugary sweet!