Watch : Cassie’s ‘King Of Hearts’

OMG the last time Cassie released an album was in 1624 y’all. We kid. It was in 2006 that the flaw-free chanteuse released her equally flaw-free self titled début album which contained the insanely catchy ‘Me And U’. 

Cassie’s FINALLY back with her new single ‘King Of Hearts‘ that previews her second album to be released soon. The songs an electro-R’n’B club banger, and sounds all kindsa sexy, especially the hand-claps over the thumping beat. Top 40 Radio might just jump on this one.

The video’s as sassy and sultry, with Cassie writing around in a bath tub, and wearing all kindsa stuff that I have no idea about. At all.  Especially the leather thingie that barely covers her stuff. In other words she does Rihanna proud. Check it out below :

  • Rohan Tribhuwan

    LOL!!! I refuse to get what she is wearing either. But everyone loves an esoterically slutty video.