Flo Rida Skydives Over Dubai Without Sia In ‘Wild Ones’ Video.

What’s up with Sia? No, seriously, this incredibly talented and under-rated woman has some major issues y’all. What’s with being so irresponsibly camera-shy when you’re literally on top of most music charts world-wide? As of this week, her insane duet with David Guetta ‘Titanium’ sits on top of the UK Top 40 while making its way up the Billboard Hot 100, and she’s nowhere to be seen on the super-natural themed music video #Blasphemy.

And now her duet with Flo Rida ‘Wild Ones’ gets the video treatment, and the video features Flo totally proving his life is way WAY better than ours by skydiving in Dubai and partying the night away. And what do you know, Sia is missing from this video as well #EpicFail. Check it out.

While I could do with a life like Flo, I would also like to SEE Sia in the videos for
songs she’s actually sung. This ain’t no Bollywood number, and Sia needs not be a playback singer for some random chick feeling Flo up while he’s living his wild life.