World Premiere : Brandy And Monica’s ‘It All Belongs To Me’


It’s here!! OMG IT’S HERE!! What’s here you ask? Your hearse, that’s what. We kid, we kid.

14 years after R’n’B Royalties Brandy and Monica created with the legendary Grammy winning single ‘The Boy Is Mine’ that topped the Billboard Hot 100 for an unprecedented 13 weeks, the Divas had announced that they would be joining forces yet again for a new song, following which their worldwide legion of fans reacted in the mature manner they were expected to. By commencing some seizing, flailing, shaking, crying, unprecedented crying, and some more crying. And a little more seizing.

And finally the wait is over! Listen to the flaw-free radio-friendly groove ‘It All Belongs To Me’ right here :

Firstly, the leading ladies of the R’n’B revolution of the 90’s sound positively AMAZING. The song’s a sort of sequel to ‘The Boy Is Mine‘, but this time around, Brandy and Monica are on the same side of the game.

‘I know you mad, can’t take no more/ But put that back, that ain’t yours/ Have a fit, slam the door but leave them bags on the floor/ That shit belongs to me’

The Rico Love produced mid-tempo jam has a rich melody and has some catchy hooks, and it has all the ingredients required to become an urban radio hit. I couldn’t help but wonder what a remix featuring Nicki Minaj would do to this track. A sure-fire # 1 if she spits in a coupla verses!

Either way, I’m loving this. Firstly cuz of the nostalgia. Has it really been 14 effin’ years since ‘The Boy Is Mine‘? Secondly, it’s catchy, and the vocals are on point.

‘It All Belongs To Me’ will be available on both Brandy and Monica’s respective new albums out in March.