Watch: M.I.A’s EPIC Flaw-Free New Video ‘Bad Girls’

Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well!

Now that’s more like the Maya Arulpragasam aka M.I.A that we knew of! After a pretty #reductive appearance on Santa-Hagdonna’s new epic ‘Give Me All Your Luvin‘, M.I.A’s back with full gun-blazin’ force in the video for her brand new single ‘Bad Girls‘!

And OMG the video!

BRB..officially hyperventilating

M.I.A blings up the Middle East with some may-jah stunts while racing dusty cars and doing her nails, both at the same effin’ time. The Roman Gavras directed video is definitely way more fun than the last video they did together, the chill-inducing raw coverage of genocide ‘Born Free‘. Either way, a blinged up stab at a patriarchal government is way WAY better than watching kids being mercilessly shot point-blank while their bodies are being shred to pieces while they try to escape through a mine-field #JustSayin.

This is pure genius. The colors, the texture, the sounds, the controversy, it’s all M.I.A. Easily one of the best music videos I’ve come across in a long time!

  • Rohan Tribhuwan

    THIS VIDEO!!!!! it is comparable to the iconic Missy Elliot and MJ videos. Where it looked like serious business. AND NO!!!! I didn’t mention Lady Gargoyle’s videos as iconic because pulling out a slime-laden robotronic alien out of your vagina is not remotely as cool as riding a ski-stunting car in the middle FUCKING east.