K-Pop Time : Girls’ Generation Make Stunning US Television Debut On Late Show With David Letterman!

It’s K-Pop time again people! And Girls’ Generation just pushed the envelope to bring the highly under-rated genre to American television by performing their début US single ‘The Boys’ live on the Late Show With David Letterman. And the nonet (yes, that’s 9 members about whom I had written a post a coupla months ago right here) delivered a jaw-dropping rock-solid performance with ferocious choreography and on-point vocals that were free of any flaw whatsoever. The Pussycat Dolls might wanna take a seat after seeing this, especially when it comes to vocals. Watch it below.

The performance was a rare opportunity for the girls to make an impression, and their rendition was nothing short of stellar! A big step for K-Pop globally, and a huge leap for the insanely talented Girls’ Generation!

Make them feel the heat girls!