It’s Pom Poms And Campy Goofiness For Madonna’s ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’!

And finally THE most anticipated video of the year premiered yesterday. Her Holy Madgesty’s ‘Give Me All Your Luvin‘, the first single from her insanely anticipated album ‘MDNA‘ featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A harks back to the days of solid bubble-gum pop, while the video itself is a shout-out to her upcoming performance at the Super Bowl half time show tomorrow. Watch it below.

Firstly, Madonna looks flawless. The woman’s over 53, and she’s working it harder than anybody in the game #SitAndDeal. Both the single and the video are youthful, peppy and goofy, and Madonna keeps it light and fun.

The players in the video do their best to serve Madonna, taking bullets for her, shielding her from the rain and sawing a cab in half to make way for the Queen. The theme (apart from the Super Bowl reference) is a cocky interpretation of Madonna’s feminist reign, which basically states

‘I’m Madonna, I don’t care if you’re a player or a taxi, BOW THE F*** DOWN’.

But is it path-breaking? Not at all. The biggest disappointment in the video remains Nicki Minaj and M.I.A, who basically do not have much to do apart from shrieking ‘L-U-V Madonna‘ and look cute, and probably to propel Madonna’s chances of getting a hit in the US.

M.I.A is sure to lose a significant part of her fan base (and maybe gain a few as well), cuz for the fierce femcee who effortlessly slayed with ‘Paper Planes‘ and ‘Bird Flu‘, this (in Madonna’s words) is reductive. And from her facial expressions in the video, she just doesn’t seem to fit in.

For someone who’s made a career out of controversy and pushing the envelope, this video and song by Madonna standards is comparatively lame, although it’s still enjoyable. Either way I’m looking forward to the new album, cuz I L-U-V Madonna!

  • Varun

    I’m angered because this is not the iconic female that gave us 1st singles like Like a Prayer, Vogue, Music, Hung Up or even Holiday (in most countries!). This is a desperate attempt to be played on US radio. She could have shown the middle finger to the US like she did with COADF and rule the world! Instead she has made HARD CANDY PT 2. Ultimately it will turn to HARD CRAP. And sadly she wont be allowed a PART 2.