A Very Important Update Regarding Katy Perry’s Hair

Lessers, learn a thing or two from Mizz Katilicious Perry.

After a rough few weeks following her (ex) husband Russell Brand filing for divorce after one and a half years of wedded bliss, Katy Perry shows the world that the best way to cope with all the stress is to do something very amazing.

She dyed her hair blue.

Bada Bing!

And now a video of a post-menopausal Katy Perry singing ‘The One That Got Away’. How inappropriately appropriate. Yes? No? This is awkward.

The ‘E.T’ singer has some may-jah reasons to be happy though, like her haul of 5 People’s Choice Awards this year, including Favorite Song and Music Video, as well as her nominations at the upcoming Grammy Awards including the prestigious Record Of The Year for her smash ‘Firework’. If y’all ask me, that’s enough consolation to get over a crazy-ass dude.

I mean the girl just equaled Michael Jackson’s record of 5 consecutive # 1 singles from one album. Unless you’re an absolute pollen-brained buffoon, why would you NOT wanna stay married to Katy Perry? DUH.

PS..The blue haired look is any day better than this skeleton thing she got on while she was married.

 OMG Could your faves EVARRR??

Didn’t think so.