Katie Melua Unveils A Sneak Peek Of Her New Album ‘Secret Symphony’

This is just too much y’all..JUST TOO MUCH. I cannot handle it anymore, and I’m shaking and seizing and stuff. It’s barely a few days into 2012, and Madonna has released the title of her new album (mass hysteria), Brandy and Monica have decided to work together after 14 years since they created history with ‘The Boy Is Mine’(seizing and flailing), Adele has given the world a teaser that she might be performing at the Grammy’s (I. IS. COLLAPSED), Beyoncé has given birth to a baby girl (major AWW-ness) and flaw-free princess of everything mellow Mizz Katie Melua has released a teaser to one of the most highly anticipated albums of this year for me, ‘Secret Symphony’.

The sneak peek features Katie talking about the recording process, as well as mesmerizing snippets of the songs ‘Better Than A Dream’ and ‘Secret Symphony’, along with my fave ‘Gold In Them Hills’ which she records with the live orchestra. And her lilting voice just about makes me wanna CRY.


I’m insanely in love with ‘Gold In Them Hills’, and her rendition of the Ron Sexsmith classic is just EVERYTHING.

Secret Symphony‘ is out on March 5th, 2012.