Madonna’s New Album Is Titled….

OMG y’all…a new Madonna era has officially begun!

Begin ceasing your entire being and start shaking and crying and seizing right now!

While taping for an upcoming episode on the Graham Norton Show today, Her Holy Madgesty revealed to the host that the title of her twelfth studio album will be ‘M.D.N.A’.

Following which her Facebook team uploaded the following status :

Madonna just officially announced the name of her upcoming studio album, which is “M.D.N.A”!

M.D.N.A?? Like mDNA? Which is a short form for mitochondrial DNA? The building blocks of life? Or is it a take on MDMA, also known as Ecstasy?

It’s MADONNA y’all..and there’s definitely some symbolism involved.

What do y’all think?



  • Varunpratap07

    Def just a short form for her name. She is hardly symbolic at this stage of her career, HARD CANDY was crap..polished good sounding crap. Catchy crap. lol

    But i LOVE her so I’ll go see her on tour too..yay!! And ur coming with me shitbag