Mariah Carey Tweets Pic Of Hubby Nick Cannon In Hospital Bed, Romance Gets A New Meaning

Goddess of the whistle register and diva-la-supreme Mizz Mariah Carey just tweeted a pic of her hubby Nick Cannon asking her lambs (that’s what she calls her fans for all you uneducated country bumpkins) to pray for him cuz he’s suffering from a mild kidney failure, stating

”Please pray for Nick as he’s fighting to recover from a mild kidney failure. #mybraveman

And then there was this pic. THIS DAMN PIC Y’ALL!!!

All you lesser lovebirds and happy couples, does it hurt that your wigs have been snatched? How epic is that pose of hers crawled up right next to her man on his infection laden hospital bed while he sips from a bottle she so lovingly holds for him? Mariah y’all…she’s just like us lesser mortals. Just with 150 million dollars more to her name.

And like I had always believed, there’s no greater place to get romantic other than on a hospital bed. Preferably with a few bed-pans around. It’s all quite exciting, right? RIGHT? This is awkward.

Anyway, lambs of the world…lets pray for Nick’s quick recovery now shall we?