Ingrid Michaelson Covers Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’, Remains Impeccably Flaw-free

OMG Happy 2012 GUY-EEEEESS!! The world has not ended, and I’m still reeling from the after-effects of too many choco-chip cookies and gelato #RampantBurps.

Remember last year when Ingrid Michaelson was unbelievably flawless when she released the heartbreakingly lush ‘Ghost‘ as the first single of her new album due in January? Well guess what, she’s STILL BETTER THAN YOUR FAVES THIS YEAR FYI.

Why do you ask? BECAUSE I SAY SO. And also cuz she just went ahead and covered the insanely insane single ‘Somebody I Used To Know‘ by Gotye and Kimbra, which was one our fave-est singles of 2011.

How stellar..omg..OMG!

BRB, potentially ceasing my being right now.