Throwback Tuesday : Anggun’s ‘Snow On The Sahara’

There are really eleventy million reasons to fall in love with Anggun Cipta Sasmi aka Anggun. For starters, she has one of the most incredible set of eyes that I’ve ever seen. Fierceness. And then she also hails from one of my fave places on earth that I’ve had the privilege of visiting, the mesmerizing country of Indonesia. And apart from that she also happens to possess a set of pipes and lung power that’ll literally, no LITERALLY blow your faves away.

I got introduced to this illegally flaw-free chanteuse’s music back in 1998, when her first international hit ‘Snow On The Sahara‘ would regularly be featured on MTV. Taken from her début English album of the same name, ‘Snow On The Sahara’ became a global smash in 1997-98, especially in Europe and Asia, and is still known as Anggun’s signature song. Already a mega-star in Indonesia with hit records for over a decade, Anggun moved to France to pursue an international music career in 1994, and has released 5 English studio albums since then. Her follow-up album to the massive success of ‘Snow On The Sahara‘ was the equally under-rated and brilliant ‘Chrysalis’.

Snow On The Sahara‘ was pure lush. Heartfelt and haunting, the song represented everything from Anggun’s Indonesian roots to a more global sound, in short a stunning world fusion ballad. Anggun demonstrated her ample vocal prowess on the synth and ethnic/tribal beats based song, as well as on most numbers on the album, especially the stunning ‘Rose In The Wind’. Combined with the ethereal melody and Anggun’s deep velvety vocals, the single was accompanied by two videos, out of which the one which received more airplay just featured Anggun singing along the lines of the song in a room full of antique furniture and an ice blue background.

The other version was shot in Bali, in which Anggun and her lover are shown to become a part of some sacrificial ritual.

Snow On The Sahara‘ still remains the highly under-rated singer/songwriter’s biggest hit to date, with album sales of over 1.5 million copies worldwide. Although she’s had much success in some parts of the world, I believe Anggun deserves more credit than she’s actually given for her spectacular vocals and music that transcends across all barriers. Definitely worthy of a major shout-out for being such a hidden treasure.

  • SRM

    OMG… ADORE her! VERY underrated artist! Can’t believe it. She’s one of the greats, what a voice, what a stunning woman too… and of course, amazing music!

    Her latest album, Echoes, is also pure brilliance.

    • Shourya

      She is..isn’t she? Definitely one of the most under-appreciated artists of the decade.

  • SRM

    The irony is that the materials she came up with after SOTS are a lot more ‘pop’, ‘commercial’ or whatever… yet she has never topped that song’s success. And to quote one of her songs : ‘Absence is unfair’, right? :D