Katie Melua Performs ‘Gold In Them Hills’ For My Birthday (Sort Of)

So basically I turned 21 (for the 9th time in a row) on the 1st of January (yes, the whole effin’ world celebrates my b’day cuz I’m adorable so suck it up). And birthdays are ALL about receiving presents (just being honest here). So what was my reaction when I found out that the IRRESPONSIBLY brilliant Katie Melua was performing one of my fave songs of 2011 ‘Gold In Them Hills‘ from her ridiculously highly anticipated album ‘Secret Symphony‘ (scheduled for release on March 5th) on BBC’s ‘Songs Of Praise’ from the Royal Albert Hall ON MY BIRTHDAY?

That’s right! I behaved like any normal level-headed mature Katie Melua fan who just happens to celebrate his b’day would have behaved. I threw my presents up and ran around my room seizing, flailing, screaming and crying. And then commenced some shaking and some more seizing. And of course I assumed that her flaw-free rendition of the song was jest fer meeee! (I can dream..right?). Have a look at this stellar performance that’ll make all y’all lesser peeps leave your wigs at the door justĀ in case they’re snatched.

Do we ever stop loving the absolute brilliance that is Katie Melua? No we do not.

And just in case you didn’t have a good beginning to 2012, here’s a picture of a dog…