Lil’ Kim Unveils New Promo Pic, Hints At Possible Collaboration With 50 Cents

2012 is shaping up to be one helluva year for comebacks y’all! Madonna, Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey are all set to return to their thrones, and Missy Elliott is FINALLY releasing her much awaited new album after a 7 year hiatus. And the latest to jump on the comeback train is the original Queen Bee, Lil’ Kim, who teased fans with a Mike Antonio clicked promo pic looking flawlessly fierce!

Kim’s been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons this year, especially cuz of her juvenile rants against Nicki Minaj that blew out of proportion leading to a full-fledged feud. Her Minaj-bashing Black Friday mix tape was plain embarrassing, especially since Nicki laughed all the way to the top of the charts and to the bank this year. All I can say is that Lil’ Kim’s contribution to music as a whole has been phenomenal, and she relentlessly broke barriers and blazed a trail back in the day ever since her début LP ‘Hard Core’ smashed records worldwide in 1996. It’ll be great to see her return to form with an album truly befitting her legacy as the original Queen Bee of Rap.

Kim’s back in the studio and a new EP is scheduled to drop anytime soon. And she also tweeted about a possible collaboration with 50 Cents that might be included in the new EP :

“In da studio with my boys @50cent , @floydmayweather@clsdashand @thaboyparis lego!!!”

Lil’ Kim and 50 Cents previously collaborated in 2003 for the Grammy nominated single ‘Magic Stick‘ from Kim’s Platinum certified 3rd album ‘La Bella Mafia’. The song went to become one of the biggest hits of Kim’s career, peaking at # 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Now this is certainly a comeback that I’m eagerly waiting for. Here’s hoping Lil’ Kim proves all her naysayers who discredit her position as the Queen Bee of Rap wrong.