Stuck In My Head : Gotye’s ‘Giving Me A Chance’

And now for something heartbreakingly lush.

Earlier this year Australian Indie/Experimental Rock singer/songwriter Gotye’s manically mind-blowing ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ featuring the equally amazing Kimbra got stuck in my head and has refused to un-occupy my cerebellum since then. Very obviously I rushed my rump out and got myself the parent album ‘Making Mirrors’ that has been creating waves globally, and is already making its presence felt in the US as well. And in no time at all I knew this album would feature high on the list of my top albums of 2011 (keep a look-out for that one y’all).

Giving Me A Chance‘ is one of those amazingly simple songs that do not have any metaphors or clichéd lyricism involved. It’s an outright heartfelt message with a haunting Coldplay-ish melancholy that simply asks for forgiveness from a loved one who has been hurt unintentionally. Gotye’s vulnerable vocals seamlessly flowing with the lilting melody literally makes the pain palpable. Nothing sounds better on a winter evening while you try to defrost your arse with some hot cocoa. Or while sitting on a plane next to the obese-est person EVER, like I did a few days ago. There was something about the view of the clouds and some distant snow-capped mountains, the fact that I was going home for Christmas, and this song playing on my phone, that transported me to lush-land, and kept my mind off Miss Cellulite sitting right next to me and spilling her layers of lard all around in unimaginable ways that I cannot write about here.

Unsurprisingly, the song’s been stuck in my head ever since. But then I’m also a sucker for the melancholy blues, and I believe that a good song about the broken-hearted blues can do no wrong. Give it a listen, and be lush-ed.


‘Giving Me A Chance’ is available on Gotye’s new album ‘Making Mirrors’ that was released earlier in 2011.