David Guetta And Sia Premiere Unexpectedly Supernatural Video For ‘Titanium’

It’s here!! It’s here y’all!!

My fave-est song from David Guetta’s ‘Nothing But The Beat’ featuring one of the most criminally under-rated vocalists of all time Mizz Sia Furler has FINALLY gotten the single treatment it deserves. And here you are, expecting the video to be a dance-ey happy extravaganza all set to fulfill your Yuletide desires, right? Hahaha..you mere mortal you. EPIC WRONG.

Be careful, be very very careful y’all, cuz the video for ‘Titanium’ is NOTHING like you could have ever imagined it to be. Supernatural occurrence in a school? A little boy being chased by a SWAT team? Little boy showing MAY-JAH superpowers??? YASSSSSSS!!! Bring it on!! (cuz there’s nothing like a video of an under-aged kid almost being shot at to complete everybody’s Christmas wish list).

Unexpected stuff here, and I would have loved a vision of Sia and Guetta in the video, most likely getting it on. But then flying teddy bears and the little alien boy is the next best thing anyway, cuz everybody has a little platinum-bra à la Lady Gaga hidden deep inside of them right?

Either way, the song’s a clear winner, and probably one of Guetta’s career defining collaborations. And one of my faves this year.