Stuck In My Head : ‘Holocene’ By Bon Iver

The highly under-rated folk-indie band Bon Iver has been making all the right moves this year. Their self titled sophomore album debuted at # 2 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart earlier this year, and has earned them an unprecedented 4 Grammy Nominations including the coveted Song and Record Of The Year Nominations for the incredibly lush ‘Holocene’.

Lead vocalist Justin Vernon’s incredible vocal harmonies on ‘Holocene’ induces quite a chill, and is a dreamy and mournful melancholy that’s probably ideal for a winter night. There’s something magically irresistible about Justin’s earthy approach to the song, and it’s evident throughout the rest of the album as well, especially on lead single ‘Calgary’.

His conflicting lyricism and the experimental edge to conventional folk is probably the most interesting aspect of the song.

Give it a listen y’all.

‘Holocene’ is available on Bon Iver’s new album ‘Bon Iver’, which was released earlier this year.

Definitely one of the best albums of the year, and a song worthy of getting stuck in your head.