Janet Jackson To Appear On The Insider, Looks INSANELY FLAWLESS.


Janet Damita Jo Goddess Supreme Queen Legend Jackson has CLEARLY decided that she cannot stop looking irresponsibly flaw-free.

Her Janesty just finished the US leg of her sold-out ‘Number Ones : Up, Close And Personal’ World Tour which has seen the Icon ferociously reinstate her position as the Queen of literally EVERYTHING.

Taking a break from the tour which is rumored to rake in a cool 50 million dollars at its conclusion (your bank account gently weeps), Mizz Jackson has decided to delve into some new projects in 2012 which she announced on Twitter.

And her worldwide legion of fans have just about FLIPPED out anticipating a new album, her first since 2008’s Billboard # 1 ‘Discipline’.

The Queen is scheduled to make an appearance on The Insider on Thursday, December 15th, and a photograph of her with The Insider’s Kevin Frazier just appeared online, and all I have to say is… I’M DIED.


Just look at her, and she’s 45 years old??? I can’t even!!! Your faves could LITERALLY NEVARRRR!!!

She still looks the same when she released the iconic ‘Control’ back in 1986.

And if she does announce a new album for 2012, I shall officially start flipping out, shaking, crying, seizing, crying a little more, flailing, howling and briefly cease my being.

Be sure to check Janet out on The Insider on Thursday, December 15th.

And now, I shall return to listening to my entire Janet collection for the seventy billionth time.


  • Amanda

    Shourya, I loved your article on The One & Only… Ms. Jackson!

    • Shourya

      Thank you Amanda!It’s The Queen after all!

  • Stacey K.A. Green

    ~ Janet Is The Best And There Is No Other Miss Jackson If You’re Nasty Ok!!!!~