It’s K – Pop Time With BoA!

Annyeong people!! (that’s Korean for hello for those who are fungating under a stone)

It’s easy to see why Korean Pop is becoming this major thing y’all, it’s difficult not to get addicted to the glamorous and  colorful videos, catchy hooks and some insane choreography which is being lauded worldwide.

Today I’ll be featuring one of my fave K-Pop artists called BoA (also known as Kwon Boa), who’s one of the biggest selling Korean artists of all time with over 60 million albums sold worldwide (that’s thrice what Rihanna’s sold in case you’re wondering).

BoA’s already huge in Asia, especially Korea and Japan, and she’s been a major star since her 2000 début in Asia with countless million-selling singles and albums. Known for her insanely amazing choreography and infectious grooves, her Korean music videos have been nothing short of a phenomenon. Check out ‘Copy And Paste’, one of her biggest Korean hits and you’ll get the drift.

But it’s her 2009 foray into American shores that led her to release her thoroughly amazing English language début album ‘BoA’, that’s my fave from her discography.

BoA‘ had it all, thoroughly catchy tracks, fiercely meticulous choreography, and some easy listening that made this album quite literally amazing. This is what I like the most about K-Pop. Almost everything seems to be so well synchronized, so infectious and visually stimulating, that they tend to stay glued to your head irrespective of language barriers.

Check out her swag on ‘Energetic’, which boasts of some ground-shakin’ choreography that your faves could possibly NEVER.

My fave song from the album is the dance-floor ready hyperactive electro-jam ‘Hypnotic Dancefloor‘. The beats are a killer, and this one’s a regular on my dance play-lists.

In case you like what you see and hear (which indicates you have good taste), get the album ‘BoA’ and give it a listen. Singles like ‘Eat You Up’ and ‘I Did It For Love’ along with the rest should be enough to get you sucked into the amazing world of K-Pop.

  • Rohan Tribhuwan

    loves! Britney may have to take a seat momentarily.