Leona Lewis Delivers A Stunning Rendition Of ‘Hurt’ On X-Factor UK

Leona Lewis’s vocal prowess is something that I wouldn’t wanna discuss much here, considering the fact that the ENTIRE UNIVERSE knows that she has a voice that redefines the phrase ‘better than your faves could EVURRR’.

Leona’s highly anticipated 3rd album ‘Glassheart’ has been postponed for the not-so-amazing chart performance of the thoroughly incredible and under-rated ‘Collide’ (which is one of my fave songs this year), and in the meantime she’s released an amazing EP ‘Hurt’ to keep hungry fans happy. And just to let the world know that she still has a voice to literally shut you down and make you take a bow, she recently performed the title track at the finals of this season’s X-Factor UK, and quite predictably brought the entire house down. MAJOR CHILLS y’all. Have a look!

Now THAT’S what I call a performance!

Like I said, your faves gently weep.

  • Snehil

    I cant believe there r Leona fans in India too :D YAY !!!! Love her to death !!! Thanks for the amazing review & thanks for appreciating a great talent :D I m a huge Leona fan !!