Karmin Wants To ‘Crash Your Party’!

The last time I checked with Karmin, they were busy looking illegally gorgeous and preparing for their highly anticipated début. Cut to the present, and Karmin’s looking unthinkably irresistible as usual, and have decided that crashing people’s parties is the best way to début their first music video!

And Nick and Amy proves beyond doubt that NOTHING looks better than them in a 1950’s setting dropping in on unsuspecting people’s breakfast tables and walking through refrigerators. I LIKES!! And Amy’s rapping??? Nicki Minaj just got herself a brand new wig collection cuz her present one has been MAJORLY snatched!

Check out Karmin looking all sortsa delicious in ‘Crash Your Party’.

Plenty of funky freshness and swaggalicious stuff here y’all. I’m HONGRAYYY for moahh!!!