Carishma Sizzles In ‘Glow In The Dark’

Who do we have here?

It’s 21-year-old up-and-coming American pop chanteuse of Indian descent, Carishma, who’s making all the right moves to get into the spotlight! Just check out her début extravaganza ‘Glow In The Dark’, and you’ll get an idea of what to expect.

Produced by Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins, the first single from Carishma’s début album makes quite a statement and sets the stage for some s-l-a-y-i-n-g. The clubs might just go cray-zay about this one y’all.

I love the beat, and her voice is sultry. The guitar riffs go well with the song, and the video sees Carishma looking all kindsa seductive, drooling away over her boy-crush at a midnight beach party, which then proceeds on to her showing some serious swag amidst fire spewing bare-chested dancers. Britney inspiration much? Especially since the song sounds uncannily like Britney’s ‘He About To Lose Me’, a bonus track and one of my faves on ‘Femme Fatale’.

Carishma’s no stranger to the spotlight. She’s a singer/dancer/actress having worked in her first movie ‘Star Of Jaipur’ at the age of 9. She’s already worked with Timbaland on the track ‘Keep Hangin’ On’, and is all set to release her début album soon.
May-jah swaggu drippin’ here peeps, your faves might just need to get worried.
Are you ready for some Carishma??
Hey-ey-ey…Can you make it glow in the dark?
Video Courtesy MTV.
  • lizzzzieee <3

    i love this song – i usually never leave comments on peoples videos, but this is absolutely wonderful!! its so nice to see some indian culture featured in her vid!!

  • Iamyourjournalist

    read this about the star on another blog – interesting!

    well i have loads of info for you! her parents (khubanis)
    own the company, telebrands, that produces the snap on feathers and her mother
    is a b-list singer from india. her father was sued several times for the awful
    products her sells and was even caught saying that he made millions selling ‘cheap
    sh*t americans will buy’. so it isn’t by chance that she got the commercial. in
    an interview she claims she worked hard her whole life. i know her personally,
    and she’s a fame wh*** a few steps behind Kim 
    Kardashian. atleast Kim is open about it. also she pretends to be a hard
    worker and not daddy’s little rich girl but unlike GaGa who also comes from an
    affluent family – she never worked hard. went to fordham and then transferred
    to nyu and graduated in 6 years. her name is Carishma Khubani. much more talent
    out there. she’s just another spoiled girl who’s dad paid for her way to
    stardom. more importantly, their PR person is great!

  • leiaorgana

    I am so into this!!!! She’s got a great voice and style and yeah i love that shes reppin india!!

  • Abakebakey

    The tracks pretty hot!

  • One Direction U.S.

    You better werk Carishma. So fierce.

  • Justin Bieber Army

    Glow In The Dark is an awesome song to jam to!

  • Jackie Augustus

    There’s nothing to hate about this girl. She’s gonna be big.

  • Jackie Augustus

    P.S. loving her new song Keep Hangin On!