Stuck In My Head : ‘Swimming Home’ By Evanescence

And now for something INCREDIBLY lush!

It’s literally been light-years since Evanescence released the thoroughly impeccable ‘My Immortal’ from their giganti-platinum début album ‘Fallen’ back in 2003, which remains one of my fave Evanescence songs of all time.

Thankfully Amy Lee and her boys have created yet another masterpiece with ‘Swimming Home’, the lush-est single off their latest Billboard # 1 album ‘Evanescence’.

This one was inspired by the death of Amy’s sister, and it comprises of some major lacrimal stimulating lyrics that’ll have you running for the Kleenex. Amy’s voice remains haunting and flawless. Just what you need when you’re about to curl up in bed during these amazing winter nights.

Mayhaps this will be released as the next single and save the album from it’s present free-fall mode after it debuted on the top of the charts a few months ago??

Cuz this song…I DIG!! I TOTALLY DIG!