Throwback Tuesday : Sade’s ‘No Ordinary Love’

It’s Tuesday! It’s Tuesday! And tomorrow’s Wednesday! And then comes Thursday! And no I’ll not be unleashing Rebecca Black’s epic sonic mindfuck anthem right now on y’all so CHILL.  It’s Throwback Tuesday again peeps!

Today we focus on a legend whose voice has often been voted as the sexiest voice of ALL time. The word flawless was probably created keeping her in mind.

Flaw-free chanteuse supreme Helen Folasade Adu Obe, also known as Sade, has a legacy that a very select few can boast of. 27 years in the game, over a 110 million albums sold worldwide, and the power to fill arenas worldwide even today with the sheer power of her magnanimous voice, as evident from her sold-out world tour that’s shaping up to be one of the highest grossing tours this year. And you thought your faves were great? Sit down and be quiet, cuz they’ll NEVURR.

Since her 1984 début ‘Diamond Life’, Sade’s been mesmerizing the world with her unparalleled voice, and it’s often her melancholy blues that have propelled each album of hers to multi-platinum status. Surprisingly, Sade’s barely promoted much of her work, and she’s been been famously reclusive for the most part of her career, disappearing at length in between albums. She took a gap of 8 years between her classic albums ‘Love Deluxe’ (1992) and ‘Lovers Rock’ (2000), and a whopping 10 years later dropped ‘Soldier Of Love’ in 2010.

Irrespective of her long gaps, her album sales show no signs of wavering, and her latest studio album ‘Soldier Of Love’ debuted at # 1 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart in early 2010 with an unprecedented 502,000 copies sold in its first week itself and earned her another Grammy. Y’all see this is precisely why I keep harping on about music and artists today, with multi-gazillion selling # 1 singles barely selling about 50 copies of their album. It doesn’t take rocket science to realize that when the music’s good, it’ll sell.

Today’s Throwback Tuesday features the classic track ‘No Ordinary Love’ from Sade’s impeccable 1992 album ‘Love Deluxe’. Firstly, the voice. THIS is the stuff that you need to create babies y’all! And although Sade sings about the broken-hearted-blues on this one, she effortlessly brings in a certain degree of sensuality to the achingly painful lyrics.

And the video with Sade as a mermaid is just absolutely EVERYTHING. She brings the song to life with her stunning portrayal of a forlorn lonely mermaid searching for her lost love. The scene where she’s running in her wedding gown while she mourns  ‘Keep trying for you, keep crying for you, keep flying for you’ gives me major lacrimal issues to this day.

‘No Ordinary Love’ went on to win the Grammy for the Best R’n’B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals in 1994, and to this day remains a staple on my playlist, especially my baby-making playlist.

‘Love Deluxe’ was certified Quadruple Platinum in the US, and remains one of my all-time fave albums. Along with ‘No Ordinary Love’, the album also contained some of Sade’s biggest hits and best tracks to date, including ‘Like A Tattoo’, the often covered ‘Pearls’,Kiss Of Life’, ‘Bulletproof Soul’ and ‘Cherish The Day’.

Sade’s been a fave since forever, not just with me, but with some of my closest friends and fellow music-geeks as well. (My friend, fellow music aficionado/bitch-in-crime and MAY-JAH Sade-addict Varun has literally taken upon himself to educate the entire human population about Sade through his thoroughly amazing Sade fanpage on Facebook ever since he got to see her live on tour this year. Go Piggy!)

But then that’s the power of her voice. So lush, so amazing, so damn EVERYTHING!! There’s no one quite like Sade!

In case you’ve missed out on Sade’s genius, get ‘The Ultimate Collection’, her latest collection of her greatest hits of the past 3 decades released this year, and give it a THOROUGH listen. And you shall be nirvana’d.


  • Varun

    YAYY!!! HOW I LIVE FOR THIS WOMANN..thank u for the shout u to death pigness

  • Varun

    Love Deluxe is my FAVORITE album. By the way I just bought the SINGLE for No Ordinary Love on Amazon. Waiting for it to arrive. The remastered version on ULTIMATE COLLECTION is amazing, bits that you could have missed earlier are loud and clear.