The Numbers Are In!! Michael Buble Moves Up To # 1, Rihanna and Mary J Blige Score Top 5 Debuts!

Unless you’re living under the biggest rock in the galaxy, you probably know by now that this week has been one of the most insanely bitchy busiest weeks in music this year, with EVERYBODY deciding that THIS would be the best time in the history of literally all mankind to grace the world with their vocal prowess (or the lack of it, rihanna *cough*). And we being the illegally brilliant blog that we are have followed up every bit of the fierceness. #humblebrag

And the results are finally in!! *drumrolls and dubsteps*

In what became the tightest race on the charts in 4 years, Michael Buble just asked an entire Navy of Rihanna fans to go away to a hopeless place and try and find some louuuvvee, cuz they ain’t getting any as far as the charts are concerned (pardon the pun..royally intended). Buble’s ‘Christmas’ and Nickelback’s ‘Here And Now’ both sold around 227,000 copies each, with Buble coming in at # 1, while Nickelback sold just about 0.18 % less than Buble’s album, coming in at # 2.

Mizz Gabby Goat Rihanna’s much-touted much-promoted 6th studio album in 6 years ‘Talk That Talk’ that boasts the # 1 single in the entire effin’ world right now ‘We Found Love’ limps in at # 3 with a less than impressive 197,000 copies sold this week (less than her what her previous album ‘Loud’ sold in it’s first week, 207,000 copies) . And that means the High Priestess of Nasalville, with 11 # 1 singles tying none other than legend Whitney Houston, missed the # 1 spot yet again with her 6th try.

Last week’s chart topper Drake drops down to # 4 this week with ‘Take Care’ with 173,000 copies sold, while Hip-Hop/Soul Queen Mary J Blige enters the chart at # 5 with ‘My Life 2 : The Journey Continues (Act 1)’ with 156,000 copies sold. Ironically, the last time Mary J Blige  missed the top 2 spots was with the original ‘My Life’ album in 1994, although the album went on to become one of the greatest albums of all time, hence the sequel. Following that album, all of Mary’s albums have reached # 1 or # 2.

Rock act Daughtry is the 4th new entry on the charts, coming in at # 8 with their new album ‘Break The Spell’, which sold around 129,000 copies this week.

Taylor Swift manages a # 11 debut for her ‘Speak Now World Tour Live’ with 77,000 copies sold.

Here are the top 10 albums on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart this week :

1. Christmas – Michael Buble

2. Here And Now – Nickelback

3. Talk That Talk – Rihanna

4. Take Care – Drake

5. My Life Pt 2 : The Journey Continues (Act 1) – Mary J Blige

6. Under The Mistletoe – Justin Bieber

7. 21 – Adele

8. Break The Spell – Daughtry

9. Clear As Day – Scotty McCreery

10. Mylo Xyloto – Coldplay