Who Needs A Work-out Playlist?

If you’re like me, getting your seriously lazy over-sized rump in your work-out gear and dragging your saggy self out for a jog is just about as fascinating as dental caries. Unless (hold on to your marbles before rambling away about how I’m a lazy flatulent pig) you have a kick-ass playlist that just gives your rump a life of its own! And me, being the insanely amazing blogger that I am, have quite the playlist that you need to jog yourself to death (#humblebrag).

My playlist keeps on changing though, and I keep adding new songs that I keep coming across (cuz that’s what I do ALL DAY LONG), and a kick-ass playlist keeps me from losing my life to morbid obesity.

Some of my fave songs to jog to this week have been:

‘One Hot Pleasure’ by Erika Jayne.

‘Lonely’ by Medina.

‘I’ll Be’ by Foxy Brown feat Jay-Z

‘Cry’ by The Bingo Players.

and ‘Fight For You’ by Jessica Mauboy.

Thankfully though, I came across this cool website that actually has a host of fantastic workout songs that they keep updating every week. And they also have a great list of the 10 best workout songs every month. You can listen to the songs for free, and buy the songs from Amazon.com as well from links present directly on the site!

www.runhundred.com is free to subscribe to, and they have a host of songs that you would totally wanna add to your work-out playlist, and sweat and grind all that lard away! Check out the website below!


This month’s top 10 videos included some of my fave tracks by Kaskade, Kelly Rowland, Young The Giant and Kelly Clarkson.

So in case you wanna get your act together and not die, and you really need to feel motivated to work out, www.runhundred.com has the perfect playlists set out for you! And it’s free!

I know where I’ll be headed to the next time i’m searching for some cool work-out tracks.