Watch : Jennifer Lopez’s STUNNING 2011 AMA Performance Of Papi/On The Floor

Hello there! Yes you, do you hear that? That’s the sound of all the lesser divas in the game bulldozing their way to the exit. KEEP TO THE LEFT LADIES!

Ultimate Goddess Supreme Jennifer Lopez has had an INSANELY amazing year with one of the biggest hits of her career ‘On The Floor’ bringing her back to where she belonged, right on top.

And with her win at the 2011 American Music Awards for Best Latin Artist, she’s just capped off a near perfect year for her. (That’s right, she’s STILL better than your faves, so suck it up and die).

In case you had any doubt about who’s still in control, quietly kill yourself first and then have a look at this video of the Goddess performing her monster hits ‘Papi’ and ‘On The Floor’ at the 2011 American Music Awards. Here’s Jennifer doing what she does best, and that is to continue making gay men question their sexuality.

And may I add, that sequined dress? Sequined dress + Jennifer Lopez = Literally non publishable fantasies (duh).

How EPIC was that intro with ‘Until It Beats No More’? And those moves? (Your hips gently weep).

The Jennifer Lopez train JUST DOESN’T STOP y’all!