What’s The Deal With Rihanna’s ‘Red Lipstick’?


OMG you guys! Like seriously! No, SERIOUSLY! What’s up with Rihanna?

The world in its entirety has seen Rihanna go from ‘Loud’- mouth to a severely extreme case of the potty-mouth syndrome à la Nicki Minaj. I mean there she was, doin’ her thang, singing about Umbrellas and stuff, and BAM!! The whole Chris Brown incident turns her into a Rated-R expletive spewing vixen. She then went on to express her desire for a little S’n’M in her next album, and now with her latest extravaganza ‘Talk That Talk’, she’s just about created a filth-laden sonic boom!

Not that the world is complaining’ or something (every body loves a free raunch-fest right?), and I just got my copy of the deluxe edition of the album myself. And I get it. The girl just wants to have sex. In public. So relax y’all. It’s just a regular day.

How did I like the album? Well, a little underwhelming. Maybe if she just took a rest instead of relentlessly releasing an album every time the weather changed, she might just create a proper album instead of a collection of catchy singles.

But what we’re about to discuss here is alarming, no, you REALLY need to sit your ass down and grab hold of someone to listen to this.

The one track that’s caught my attention is the deluxe edition bonus single ‘Red Lipstick’ that literally changes the way the world has functioned. With ample doses of the auto-tune, sultry dub-step beats and a sample of Metallica’s ‘Wherever I May Roam’, Princess Riri unleashes this potentially life-changing line :

”Let Me Grab My D*** While You Sit On Top…..!!!!!”


I’m MARVELING at this right now!! I JUST CAN’T…!!!!

Apparently ‘Talk That Talk’ has been compared to Madonna’s ‘Erotica’ and Janet Jackson’s ‘Damita Jo’ in terms of explicit content. Now these two legends knew how to make an explicit album classy. I’m not exactly sure if ‘Talk That Talk’ would fall in that category, although I’m pretty sure Rihanna has the singles charts on lock.

As of now ‘Talk That Talk’ is aiming for a # 3 début on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart next week.

Apparently Janet Jackson just heard ‘Red Lipstick’ and this was her reaction :


That’s it! ‘Red Lipstick’ is officially my new favorite song in like forevurrrrr!!

  • Susy

    I think its Let me grab my TIT not DICK