Lady Gaga Releases A New And Alarmingly Normal Preview For ‘Marry The Night’

Wait, it’s a Lady Gaga preview? And it does not feature  copulating aliens symbolism and surrealism and some weird outfits meant for the inter-galactic fashion week on the 7th moon of the planet Gargoylini? I CAN’T EVEN…!!!!!

But WAIT y’all! Before you little monsters collective chop off your paws, Mademoiselle Gaga’s new 1 minute preview for her latest epicosity ‘Marry The Night’ features some insanely amazing choreography I’ve seen in a while! Check it out!

Dressed in probably the tightest top in the whole cosmos, Mizz Gaga works those moves in a dance studio with her dancers in tow.

No news whether Laurieann Gibson choreographed these moves or did Gaga get someone else after the split.

Either way..this is fierceness y’all! Something that the Supreme Queen Of The Dancefloor Mizz Janet Jackson showed back in the day with her moves.

Release the damn video already now will ya Gaga??