Predictions In For Next Week : Nickelback And Michael Buble Set To Block Rihanna From # 1

The super-busy holiday week just kicked off  with almost everybody with functional vocal chords dropping a new album this week, with new releases from Nasal Priestess Rihanna, Hip-Hop/Soul Queen Mary J Blige, Rock Royalty Nickelback, Daughtry, the ever-so-sweet-i’ll-barf Taylor Swift, Mother Madness Lady Gargoyle, King Of Pop Michael Jackson among others all vying for the coveted # 1 spot. And early sales prediction are nothing less of a shocker to most, although I had predicted this might just happen in an earlier post (just cuz I’m such an insanely amazing blogger).

All eyes are on Rihanna, who, with a stunning 11 number 1 singles has just tied Whitney Houston’s record, and has pretty much released a new album every time the season changed. And she has YET to reach that coveted # 1 spot with an album of hers. Her 6th, titled ‘Talk That Talk’ was hailed by many as her first to possibly hit # 1, but looks like Rihanna has to carry on the tag of a ‘singles-artist’ for a while longer until she releases another album, which in all probability will be sooner than you can finishing bleating umbrella-ella.

So who’s the one literally slaying Rihanna (yet again)??

Like I’d predicted, Rock Royalty Nickelback turns out to be the dark horses of the race, and are expected to come in either at # 1 or # 2 with their new album ‘Here And Now’, with predicted sales of 250,000 copies in the US, while Michael Buble’s ‘Christmas’ might just topple Nickelback and move up to # 1 with predicted sales of 260,000 copies. Rihanna might land in at # 3 with underwhelming sales of ‘Talk That Talk’ estimated to sell 200,000 copies. While Mary J Blige will shockingly enter the charts with her lowest first week sales in more than a decade and a half with ‘My Life 2 :The Journey Continues (Act 1)’ predicted to sell around 140,000 copies.

Daughtry and Taylor Swift are also vying for debuts within the top 10.

Lots of action happening peeps, and who knows what might happen by the end of the week. Stay tuned for the final numbers by next week!


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  • Varunpratap07

    shocked about MJB’s low entry!
    as bad as i felt about memoirs