Amy Winehouse’s New Video ‘Our Day Will Come’ Unveiled.

The video for the first single ‘Our Day Will Come’ from Amy Winehouse’s posthumous album ‘Lioness : Hidden Treasures’ has just been released, and it’s not too difficult to get a little teary-eyed after watching the video.

The song’s a light and breezy cover of the 1963 hit by Ruby And The Romantics, and Amy’s soulful voice sounds almost magical, almost to the point of tugging at your heartstrings reminding you of the fact that she’s no more. Especially cuz of the video montage that shows Amy smiling, laughing, acting goofy and allowing us to see through to the innocence and vulnerability beyond the drugs and the alcohol.

Yet another reminder of the shining talent that we lost.

Amy Winehouse maybe gone, but she’s far from being forgotten. R.I.P Amy.

‘Lioness : Hidden Treasures’ is scheduled for release on December 5th.