Stuck In My Head : Aura Dione’s ‘Before The Dinosaurs’

The universe literally needs to witness more of this seriously talented woman’s music. No, seriously, the entire cosmos just freakin’ has to. Period. As I had already over-excitedly mentioned in a post barely a few days ago, Aura Dione’s quite the unique hybrid of Florence Welsh sorta blending in with Shakira, while I was practically glowing in the supreme joy of listening to her new single ‘Geronimo’ off her sophomore album ‘Before The Dinosaurs’.

Over the past few days, apart from watching Janet Jackson’s entire video montage for the fifty-seven billionth time┬ábeing exceptionally busy, I managed to listen to both of Aura’s albums, and I was floored.

‘Before The Dinosaurs’ is an exceptional album in more ways than one, and out of all the tracks, it’s the title track that stood out for me. It’s lush, it sounds positively divine, and it’s just everything that I need to listen to right now to transport me to my super-cool imaginary secret place in my head that has all kindsa happy things going on. Imagine my fluttering heartbeat while I listened to the song. need. Listen to it yourself.

I usually don’t throw around the term ‘lacrimals-stimulating-lush’ very often, but I feel the need to use it while describing the perfectness of this damn song.

Aura’s new album ‘Before The Dinosaurs’ is out now. Give it a go. It’s totally worth your time.