Song Of The Week : Madonna’s ‘Give Me All Your Love’

You a Madonna hater? In that case all you can prolly do is stay pressed and die. Losers to the left to the left! The Queen Of Literally The Whole Cosmos ain’t slowing down anytime soon!

Last week the demo for Her Madgesty’s rumored new single ‘Give Me All Your Love’ from her upcoming 12th album leaked and it basically created a RIOT. And we don’t even have a confirmation whether this is the first single or any idea how the final product might just sound!

For now, it’s plain exciting to just hear something from the woman who’s been changing the game for 3 decades! The song’s catchy, and it’s reminiscent of the 80’s fun-pop Madonna. And the fact that Nicki Minaj and MIA are rumored to appear on the final product just about takes things to another effin’ stratosphere y’all!!

A song leak..and the world goes into a frenzy. Can you even BEGIN to imagine what’s gonna happen when the official track and video and album releases? That’s right, the QUEEN remains the QUEEN!

L-U-V Madonna!!


  • Varunpratap07

    love herrrrrrrrrr