Listen it’s not everyday that I get to discover a Reggae/Soul/Hip-Hop artist from New Zealand so I have to ask you to stop your entire life and pay serious attention. Cool? Great. Sit your backsides down and make yourselves comfy now.

So like I had mentioned (very excitedly) in an earlier post that Kiwi-Land is literally brimming with amazing artists like Kimbra, Gotye etc., and here we are completely unaware of such incredible talent down under, while we shake our glorified asses to Rihanna the same old repetitive generic crap being doled out at an anymore-and-i’ll-vomit-bile rate.

The latest addition to my occasional search down under is this phenomenal vocalist called Ladi6, whose real name is Karoline Tamati. She’s been on the scene for quite a while now, and she broke out on her own in 2008 with her gold certified début album ‘This Is Not Much’. She’s back with her sophomore effort ‘The Liberation of..’, and the album’s already certified gold in New Zealand and has been hailed as a game changer along with receiving rave reviews in Europe as well. And you know the woman’s got may-jah chutzpah when she’s playing the opening slot for Neo-soul pioneer and songstress supreme Mizz Erykah Badu in Berlin.

Check out her sultry smokey vocals on the lead single from the album ‘Like Water’ below.

I’m digging her sound, and she sounds promising. It’s refreshing and different, and there’s a certain amount of sexiness in that voice of hers while she croons away over the infectious beat.

Look forward to some more posts from down under. I’m officially hooked.