Taylor Swift’s Cat Is Officially The CUTEST Cat I’ve EVER Seen!

Taylor Swift has a cat. And it’s not just any cat! Taylor’s named the furry feline Meredith! MEREDITH?!


How INSANELY cool is that?

Ever the social media addict, Taylor’s been tweeting pics of her new room-mate instead of tweeting stuff like ‘OMFG I’M LIKE THE BIGGEST F***ING THING IN COUNTRY MUSIC Y’ALL, BOW DOWN AND WORSHIP ME’. Oh well…she’s just plain humble and classy and incredibly rich and insanely famous and I want to be her towel assistant.

And we’re not complaining though, cuz Meredith might just be the cutest cat I’ve seen in the history of¬†existence! Just look at that face. Omg I just curled up into a ball and gave myself a hug!

And apart from tweeting so-insanely-cute-that-i’ll-puke pics of Mizz Meredith, Taylor’s been winning some awards like ‘Entertainer Of The Year’ and stuff at this year’s CMA Awards, and getting another number 1 with her latest single¬†‘Sparks Fly’, BUT…we’ll leave these less important stories for now and concentrate on Meredith..who CLEARLY is the Star Of The Moment!