Mary J Blige and Beyonce’s FANTABULICIOUS New Duet ‘Love A Woman’ Surfaces!

Fact : I’m a Mary J Blige FANATIC.

Another fact : When Beyonce and Mary J Blige collaborate…Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry etc need to collectively hide inside of Nicki Minaj’s wig collection and hibernate till these two ladies are done slaying everything in sight.


At this point in her career, Mary J Blige can literally gargle on a record and have her album reach platinum status faster than a Kardashian divorce!

With her highly anticipated new album ‘My Life Pt 2 : The Journey Continues’ literally days away from releasing, THE most interesting  track on the album, a duet with the super-preggy Beyonce called ‘Love A Woman’ has recently surfaced online! And my verdict on the song is…

IT’S EFFIN’ PUUURRRRFFFFEEECCTTT!!!! It’s amazing, it’s flawless and it’s EVERYTHING R’n’B should be like!

The vocals..OMG THE DAMN VOCALS!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve fantasized about these two women collaborating with each other, and to listen to the final product made me feel something like this –


Mary and Beyonce sound unbelievably good together while they teach a world a thing or two on how to treat and love a woman right…especially the bridge of the song when both their voices soar to a crescendo as they preach ‘kiss her real slow and get down and blow her mind, got to take your time’..THAT.. that right there is R’n’B history in the making!

Mary J Blige’s ‘My Life Pt 2 : The Journey Continues’ hits stores November 21st, and is undoubtedly THE most anticipated album for me this year.

Listen..and BOW DOWN. The Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul returns to re-occupy her throne!