Ingrid Michaelson Returns With Insanely Amazing New Single ‘Ghost’

There’s a reason why Indie Pop Songstress Supreme Ingrid Michaelson is better than your faves and is all set to snatch their wigs. That’s cuz Mizz Michaleson’s the real deal. And if you’re familiar with her music, you’ll know what I’m talking about and stop gawking.
She’s one of those incredibly gifted singer-songwriters who literally speak what’s on the listener’s mind and heart, through their music, basically leaving you thunderstruck to the point where you can’t feel your face or control your bowels. Her last album, 2009’s ‘Everybody’, bore ample testimony to her genius, and now she’s back with her brand new single ‘Ghost’, from her upcoming 5th studio album ‘Human Again’ scheduled for release on the 24th of January, 2012.

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The video’s directed by Ingrid herself, and its a brilliant series of black and white photographs that aptly describe the main theme of the song, a heartache. And the lyrics, that appear handwritten on her arms, legs, torso etc completely enhance the heartbreak-y feel of the song.

‘do you know that i went down to the ground
and landed on both my broken-hearted knees
i didn’t even cry
cause pieces of me had already died’

It’s just about perfect, it’s subtle, and it accomplishes what it was meant to do in the first place, and that is to smudge your face with tears.

If you’ve missed out on Ingrid’s music before (for which you should be escorted out of the galaxy on a farting donkey), there’s really no reason for you to curl up into a ball and die. Just give her album ‘Everybody’ and ‘Be OK’ a listen, and the world shall become a better place for you to live in.

Video Courtesy : MTV