Taylor Swift Duets With Flo Rida On ‘Right Round’

Taylor Swift should just give up all the country crooning that she does so vehemently and become a rapper. SERIOUSLY! I mean she’s the crunkiest chick in country music and all, and she’s sugary sweet to the extent of inducing a diabetic coma in a giraffe, but this girl’s got major swag y’all! A coupla days ago it was Nicki Minaj, and this time around she brought out surprise guest Flo Rida at the American Airlines Arena in Miami for an impromptu rendition of his hit ‘Right Round’, as a part of her ‘Speak Now Tour’. Check it out!!

Taylor effortlessly covers Kesha’s parts on the song and basically hip-hops her lil’ country backside OFF DA HOOK!!

Mayhaps a coupla new rap/sung duets for her new album? Kanye West would be an eager candidate waiting for a duet I believe!