Stuck In My Head : Javier Colon And Natasha Bedingfield’s ‘As Long As We Got Love’

I’ve basically come to this conclusion that Natasha Bedingfield is one of my fave vocalists of all time. Why so you ask? Cuz firstly she’s a FANTABULICIOUS vocalist (duh). Secondly, she’s released a coupla effin’ amazing duets this year that have made me run around in the shower butt naked while singing LOOSE MY MIND. Last year her duet ‘Last Chance’ with resident potty-mouth par excellence and the supreme reigning deity of Wigsville, Mizz Nicki Minaj, from the Harajuku Barbie’s début extravaganza ‘Pink Friday’ was one of the best things I’d heard since 1735. And this year the flawless Mizz Bedingfield ventured into country and rock with the duets ‘Easy’ with Rascal Flatts and ‘Jetlag’ with Simple Plan respectively, both of which stand out as two of my fave tracks this year.

And now Natasha’s all set to conclude the year with..grab your pearls..ANOTHER DUET!! OMFG SOMEONE HOLD ME!!

This time around she collaborates with the winner of the first season of ‘The Voice’, Javier Colon on his new single ‘As Long As We Got Love’. The song’s a typical feel-good slightly cheesy love song that we grew up listening to in the 90’s when I was obese and had self-esteem and bowel issues (ah those days of innocent youth and rampant farts), but then it’s Mizz Bedingfield’s voice that keeps me swooning and swaying and basically making me realize that I’m a sucker for disgustingly cute love songs.

The single’s available on Javier’s 3rd album ‘Come Through To You’, which is also his first album after winning ‘The Voice’. The album’s releasing on one of the most auspicious days in music this year, November 21st, the same day good-girl-gone-completely-insane Rihanna,  Queen Of Hip-Hop/Soul the legendary Mizz Mary J Blige, rock royalty Nickelback and the late King Of Pop Michael Jackson ALL release new albums.