Rebecca Black Is Back With ‘Person Of Interest’, The World Bows Down

The LEGENDARY weave-snatching pint-sized diva who educated the world in its entirety about calendars is back! And her new single and video is called ‘Person Of Interest’!! BOW DOWN FOR MIZZ REBECCA BLACK!

And this time she’s decided to give the calendar a break and pounce on a Justin Bieber lookalike instead, yelling all the while how he’s her ‘Person Of Interest’!

Considering that she’s just 14, I guess the video’s cute? And also considering the fact that everybody and their mamma and their great grand-uncle and their bearded aunt and their pet walrus ALL go CRAY-ZAY about Justin, how insanely COOL was it to have his look-alike in the video?! PURE GENIUS!

On asking Lady Gaga her reaction to the domination Mizz Black’s about to unleash with her new single, this was her reaction –

Rebecca’s back y’all!! HIDE YOUR WIGS!!