Pink Returns With Theme Song For Happy Feet 2, ‘Bridge Of Light’

So what?? Raise your glasses folks and get this party started, cuz she ain’t no stupid girl, she’s a f***in’ perfect rock star!! (In case you did not get the significance, it indicates you’re NOT a Pink fan, and THAT, is morally unacceptable. So frankly, why don’t you just die.)

Pink is undoubtedly one of the most under-rated artists of the past decade. 11 years in the bizness, and she’s only getting stronger than ever, as proven by the unprecedented success and sales of both her last studio album ‘Funhouse’ as well as her ‘Greatest Hits..So Far’ compilation, both of which have produced # 1 singles on the charts globally. Pink is back as the voice of the character Gloria in ‘Happy Feet Two’, and has also sung the theme song for the movie called ‘Bridge Of Light’!!

Pink’s slow jams are amazing (can any performance top her live rendition of ‘Glitter In The Air’ at the Grammy’s where she sung the song LIVE rotating upside down dangling from the ceiling and doused in water??I DON’T THINK SO) , and ‘Bridge Of Light’ is one of those rare slow numbers with a Pink touch, and is every bit as amazing as whatever she’s done in the past!

It’s new Pink y’all!!! YAYNESS!!