Katie Melua Delivers Flawless Live Performance Of ‘Gold In Them Hills’

There’s basically just one way to describe songstress supreme Katie Melua’s version of Ron Sexsmith’s ‘Gold In Them Hills’ and that’s absolutely-devastatingly-hauntingly-amazingly-EPIC!! (that’s actually 5 words and 4 hyphens but then lets just blame Katie MeLegendua’s hypnotizing voice here now shall we?). I wrote a post about the song when it initially surfaced and details of her new album ‘Secret Symphony’ came up on her website..and the reaction of fans worldwide, including me, was something like this –

Well, Katie just performed ‘Gold In Them Hills’ live for the first time EVURR, and it was to celebrate 25 years of the German compilation series  Kuschelrock on the German TV channel RTL. And if there’s anything flaw-free in this world, then it’s this performance by Katie. Watch it below, and be amazed.

A live performance means just one thing, that the release date of ‘Secret Symphony’ is not too far away. In fact Katie’s website just announced that the album will be released on March 5th, 2012!! I CAN’T HARDLY WAIT!!! 

You know how people keep saying stuff like good music is dead and there are no real singers and vocalists left on this planet and we’re generally doomed and all??


As long as Katie MeLEGENDua is here, the world shall survive. And that’s all that matters, now and forever.