Stuck In My Head : Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Standing In Front Of You’

A new Kelly Clarkson album is always a musical extravaganza y’all! Ever since she exploded on the scene after becoming the first American Idol, few fellow American Idol alumni have matched up to her runaway success, with Carrie Underwood being the only other Idol to have maintained a winning streak with each album. ‘Breakaway’ still remains one of my fave albums of ALL time, I still remember my jaw hanging wide open after I was through listening to the entire album for the first time back in 2004. Now THAT…was an ALBUM!! What would the world be like without ‘Breakaway’?? I JUSTCAN’T!!

I mean helloooo..‘Breakaway’, ‘Since You Been Gone’, ‘Because Of You’, ‘Behind These Hazel Eyes’, ‘Walk Away’…if you haven’t heard any of these singles, then you might as well kill yourself immediately cuz your life has been absolutely worthless so far! Another staple feature on each of Kelly’s albums have been some stunning tracks that are non-singles, and are absolutely illegally amazing! Whether it was ‘Addicted’ or ‘Gone’ on ‘Breakaway’, or ‘Cry’ on ‘All I Ever Wanted’, these were tracks that would effectively make me sit my arse down and worship the album.

And Kelly hasn’t disappointed me with her latest extravaganza ‘Stronger’ as yet another absolutely devastatingly beautiful track from the album stands out as my fave, and that track’s called ‘Standing In Front Of You’. It’s haunting, it’s lush, its stuff that induces your brain to create passionate fantasies of things that I don’t wanna talk about here. And that’s all you need to know. LISTEN TO THE DAMN TRACK BELOW :

So so amazing!! I’mma gonna cry y’all!! (or maybe I’m just exhausted and over-emotional and chronically irritated and have bowel deal with it).

And in case you’re living in a different milky way or stuck inside Nicki Minaj’s wig collection or removing your exoskeleton under an over-sized rock, ‘Stronger’ was released last week to glowing reviews and a # 2 début on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart and ‘Mr Know It All’ blasted into the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 to become Kelly’s 9th Top 10 hit. GET THE DAMN ALBUM ALREADY.